Our Vision & Mission

Our Vision

Our Vision is to know Christ and to make Him Known. We want to know Christ more and more and learn from Him in order to become more like Him in the way we live our lives. His commitment was to do the will of God. Our desire is to know Him and become like Him with a commitment to do God’s will. We want the beauty of Jesus to be seen in us.

Our Mission

Our mission is to fulfill the Great Commission by making disciples of all nations. We seek to reach people from all nationalities and backgrounds and turn them into followers of Jesus Christ.


From our Mission Statement stem up 5 pillars which make up the acronym “FORCE

Family Life Enrichment: Living closer to God’s ideal;

Outreach: Evangelism, discipleship, church-planting;

Responding to God: Faith, prayer, praise and worship;

Community Impacting: Extending God’s love to all;

Edification: Spirit-empowered Word


The values we uphold, which make up the acronym “SHIELD”, are:

Spirit Empowered Living

Humility and Service

Integrity and Accountability

Equipping all believers


Doers of the Word