Missions & Charity

At Living Word Worship Centre, we believe in charity and missionary work. In order to fulfill what we believe, we raise finances for those in need and provide practical help for the homeless.

In order to be effective in our missionary and charity work, the church has setup a charity arm called “Helping People Ministry (HPM)”. HPM is motivated by the love of God to reach out to the disadvantaged both locally and internationally.

HPM is committed to helping the disadvantaged build stronger families and healthier relationships, empowering them to brighten their future, helping them access professional skills and development workshops and sustain a modest standard of living.

Our missionary work includes providing hope for people in need of love and care locally and internationally through the  spreading of God’s word and supporting them financially and in a variety of other ways.

So far the countries we have impacted with our benevolent work include India, Zambia, Swaziland, Ghana and many more. Be part of this noble work by donating to HPM.

As we feed the hungry and help those in need we are extending God’s love (Matt 25: 35- 40).

To learn more about HPM, click here.